Saturday, October 10, 2009

California Caramel Company ~ comercial/product photography

OH MY!!! After I was done with this shoot, the owner/magic caramel maker, gave me some of these to take home. And I have NEVER loved caramel like I did this stuff! Not only does it look amazing but it TASTES AMAZING!
It was so much fun to do something different. We set up our shoot at the EVALIMI studios (they rent studio space to photographers and do photo classes).
It was a blast to hang out with Kristina and do some photos for her christmas cataloug and website!

This is what you should do. Take a look at this scrunptious display below and then call the

order some for the holidays for all your friends and family. Seriously, you would be the HERO if you brought some of this to Thanksgiving dinner.



  1. I am drooling right now!! YOu make that caramel look even better than it already is Keri!! Great job!

  2. yummy caramel, I bet you make it looks better than it is on real life!

  3. NO! trust me, it is way yummier than it looks.


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