Friday, August 24, 2012

My newest addition!!!!

Hello!  HAHA, yes I know it has been a while.  Probably almost a year to be exact....I have been a little busy and not really working.   I had baby #4 in April.

Announcing  my newest addition CREW!
This adorable picture was taken by my friend Megan Squires.  I was way too tired to do my own new born pics,  because on top of  having the baby I also moved into a new home that same week!  Yes I know crazy right!  But seriously,  he was supposed to be early like the others, but was too comfy because he was 4 days late!!

1 month

 1 month

2 months


3 months

And the little stinker is 4 months old tomorrow!  I can not believe how time is flying by!  Time for another photo shoot!!!  :)

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