Monday, May 30, 2011

More from my 52 week project.

Well, I have still been doing the 52 week project, but have been REALLY BAD about posting them when they are done. We have a group on Flickr that they are posted to as well as some on Face book. I am not sure why I am having such a hard time blogging! I think it is because for this blog lay out I have to post them to photo bucket and then post the html to my post in order for them to look the way that I want.

So today you get the blogger downloaded size for my images to make it easy. I am actually in the process of starting a new blog with wordpress. I know this is another change to a new blog. It will actually be my 3rd! I hope you all will change over when the time comes!

so with out further ado. . . . my project pics!
the last post I did was WEEK 6 CUP!!!

week 7 ~ Boots

week 8~ tree

week 9 ~ Night

week 10 ~ toys

week 11 ~ ice

week 12 ~ White

Week 13 ~ reflection

Week 14 ~ hair

Week 15 ~ Jar

Week 16 ~ heart

Week 17 ~ paper

week 18 ~ Animal... I didn't do (but will)
week 19 ~ fire....I didn't do (but will)

week 20 ~ Texture

Week 21 ~ Green

Week 22 ~ Dirt

Week 23 ~ eyes

Week 24 ~ Circle

Week 25 ~ Chair

Week 26 ~ eggs

Week 27 ~ petal

Week 28 ~ Ball ... I didn't do (but will)

Week 29 ~ Architecture

Week 30 ~ Shadow

The End!! hope you like them :)
I will try and do better about blogging them each week!

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