Saturday, July 11, 2009

Check out my family pics!

Check it out!
while we were in Utah visiting family and friends, I had my dear friend and favorite photographer Jess Bishop take our family pics. Jess has been taking pictures for me since my daughter was born. Anyone who lives in Utah....Go see Jess. she is amazing!
here are a few, you can see more on her blog....

are my kids ADORABLE or what!!!!!


  1. yes, your children are sooo.... adorable! Especially your daugther, she is so pretty. I tell you what, you are very much blessed :-)

  2. ADORABLE!!! You are one amazingly bueatiful Family!! Wow I totally LOVE these photos!! :)

  3. Keri - those are SOOO CUTE! And I love the one of your kids. I am so jealous you got such great family photos. :) Very Cute!

  4. I saw these on Jess's blogs, they are awesome! It's always fun to find new photographers sites, your work is beautiful!

  5. I am going to have to agree with you on that one. Your kids really are adorable! Your whole family is. You capture families so well.


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