Saturday, July 11, 2009


This beautiful family is MINE! my cute little cousins who I used to babysit, not so little anymore. They are so handsome... My Aunt Uncle and their boys just moved to Utah, they were living here by me in Northern California, so I am sad to see them go.

This is one of my favorites from their family session, The middle one Taylor had me do his senior pics while I was there and I am excited to post those as well. (when I get some time to edit!)



  1. wow, seems like good looks really run in your family line :-)
    Awesome picture Keri, I like the pose so much! They are so lucky to have a sister who does a great picture like this.

  2. Keri you seriously ROCK! I love how the sunlight just barely catches the Mom's hair...the bokeh is yummy...the tough stance of the are such an Artist at capturing the moment!! I'm excited to see the Senior pics :) Take care!


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