Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thriving

I have been doing more than just portrait photography, and I want to share that too! I will be dedicating each Thursday to the world around me and how I view it.... and that is Alive and THRIVING. . .just beautiful and amazing. Here is my first first post for Thursday Thriving!
(it's actually the end of Thursday, but it still counts!)

FYI: my hubby is holding that leaf. . . just so you know I don't have man hands LOL!




  1. LOVE these pictures!!! I am so at awe at the beauty around us. I'm so glad that you choose to capture that as well. I am in love with the sky and everything about it. Mostly sunsets though. There is just something magical about the last rays of day slipping away into the horizon leaving their happiness behind to paint the sky.

  2. truly inspiring, loves those leaves shots so much!

  3. Super cute. I love the shots.

    I have been doing stuff like this too. I think it opens up our creativity.


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