Thursday, August 18, 2011

Night "owl"

With the coming of a new school year comes a welcome of schedules! I LOVE THIS about the school year. Only given the fact that the kids start school so early, I must go to bed early!!! I am a "Night Owl" LOL! I keep saying this is going to happen and I fail, but it MUST! no more late night editing sessions. Hopefully since my littlest is in preschool 3 days a week I will find some time during the day to work.

Well this last month my dear friend Jyl at Cherub Chic sent me a package of fun!! She makes AMAZING hand made photo props and just plain cute hats and other things. It was like Christmas opening my little box. I was just so happy to see this cute little owl hat, and knew it would be perfect for my newborn Elle, or other wise known by her nickname "OWL" ;) just look at how cute it is. Jyl also made the cute little head band with the flower on it too. I have more of her stuff to post from other sessions. Those to come.

Hat and head band by


  1. LOVE these shots! your amazing Ker! Thank you for the plug also!!!

  2. Really great photos you do a real good job capturing expressions.


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