Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gabe ~ Senior Pictures ~ KeriAnn Photography, Placer County Senior Photographer.

I remember when I was graduating and I had so many plans. Being able to shoot seniors is fun because I get to hear about their plans and dreams and revisit my own. It's funny to think about how you thought life was going to be and how it has actually turned out. I love it though. No matter what the twists and turns life throws it's all such a great adventure.
Gabe wants to be a doctor, I have no doubt that he will make all the effort it takes to make that come true.


  1. Thanks so much KeriAnn! When I saw my baby in these pictures, now a young man, it brought tears to my eyes! They are beautiful-you have captured his essense perfectly. One day he will look back at these images and reminisce about being 17...


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