Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love to the Max! Placer County Family photography/ KeriAnn Photography

It just seems like I have all the good intentions to blog every single one of my clients sessions! But I just have not! I am so sorry to all my beautiful clients who have not had a post on this blog yet. I may be choosing my favorite from each session that I have not posted in the last 6 months and do a really long post! LOL! Promises, Promises!!!!

I really can't believe it is already February! It seems that time is actually speeding up! February is my favorite month. It is full of LOVE and my birthday!

Love Loved this session with the Jonutz family! They are just cute to the max. Mom and I talked a ton about the session and had to reschedule a few times before we finally got it done, but in the end it turned out amazing! They were so much fun to work with.


  1. I LOVE their pictures!!! I loved her Christmas card too...did you do it???

  2. Keri: These photos are just Divine. I can't chose a favourite.


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