Monday, November 22, 2010

Candles! week 3 of the 52 week project

WOW! Does any one else feel like time is just whizzing by? I have been so busy! I can not believe I did not do another post this week before our project Monday came back around. This has been such a wonderful week filled with my sons Birthday, My husband and my 13th Anniversary!!! We also bought gifts for some needy families and saw a wonderful play about the Saviors Birth! This time of year just put so much JOY in my heart!

This week our subject was candles! with a birthday this week I thought it was a great opportunity to take some candle shots,

This first one is mine.


This one is from Jess of Photography by Jess, I love how her son is looking at the candle. Fire just amazes my boys!

I love Aimees with White Daisy photography and how she did the same pic, but the bottom showing it blurred bokeh! so cool!

This one of the snow man from Jen Mesemerizing moments, just puts me in the Christmas spririt!

And Brookes from Brooke Beasley Photography, I love how you can see the wick is super hot and glowing with fire.

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