Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For photographers and anyone thinking about becoming one...

Hello blogger world! and fellow photographers.... I know you share my sentiment when I say I love to take pictures! I love to learn and to meet people and create some art with images. It is my favorite! But you also know if you are a photographer that our clients have so many options when it comes to photographers because everyone has a good camera these days and wants to "be a photographer" which is totally GREAT!!! live your dreams and be AWSOME!

But it is a lot of work, just like any other business. It's hard work!!! I have a dear friend who is an AMAZING photographer, she is so gifted. Jess wrote a great article on her blog about photography and her experience in the photography business that I think EVERYONE should read, SO if you have some time and are interested in a great read..... go to the link below.

This is my favorite pic of my three kiddos taken by Jess.... LUV IT!!!

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  1. Keri, I really hope I can be as good as you one day. I think my main problem with being photographer is I am not too confident that I can do a good enough job. I always wonder whether people like what I took, or what happen if the weather turn sour (which is common in UK). But thank you, your post greatly encourage me!


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