Wednesday, February 17, 2010


First I just wanted to say that this was such a fun contest and had a great turnout for voting!

#29!!! This was an image from the Baily families session at the beginning of 2009. The funniest thing about it though is that she won this session in my drawing from last year!! Ally you are one lucky lady with an adorable little girl!


But truly it is adorable. I love the light and the fence, everything about it is just so great!!! So Ally, contact me and we can get working on your story board!

AND THE WINNER OF THE FREE SESSION IS. . . . . Karen and Corey Dixon!!!! I did two sepperate random pickers online and crazy enough they were the winners of BOTH!! so it was meant to be. The Dixons had a wonderful session this fall and it will be so much fun to do another session for them. I actually did not post any images from their session so here are just a few.





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