Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dancing in the Rain | Bay Area/ Oakland Temple Wedding

What a wonderful wedding. This was a blast to do!!! we were so worried because it was pouring! and when I say pouring I mean it!!!! as soon as Sarah and John came out of the temple from their cerimoney it started to just pound us. we took a few shots And trid to make the best of it. And then a miracle happened! It Stopped raining for 2 hours while we did their pics and as we were wrapping up it started to rain again. This shot was taken at the end of the session. They were dancing in the rain in front of the temple. How ROMANTIC is that!!

I have many more of this wedding to come, but I wanted to share this one for now. It's one of my faves! :)



  1. Great Shot! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love it! So beautiful!

  3. This is so beautiful and unique, I am sure it will be one of the bride and grooms favourite images.

  4. Hi Keri!!! It's John & Sarah... this is one of our favorites too. we are so pleased with your work and so grateful for the ray of sunshine we got that day from God & from you as our photographer! Thanks so much & we can't wait to figure out which ones we want. Probably all of them :o) God Bless You & Happy Holidays!


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