Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Take time to dream. . .

I have been so busy lately, with photos and kids school stuff and holidays. I definatly have not posted as much as I like to. And it does not help that while I am writing this my 2 year old is climbing on me and pounding on the key board demanding to go to DIEGO on Nick Jr. sigh.... just rember to breath and dream a little even when things are crazy. It brings sanity, hope this image helps with that. It did for me and I love the feel of it. I was so happy when it was windy this day. It always helps with the dramatic effects.



  1. lovely autumn colour Keri,
    I was trying to read the sunny 16 rule you mentioned to me long ago, I dunno why I still can't be able to get my head around it :-(

  2. Jessica, I will try and do another post (when I am not so busy) about shooting into the light and sunflare. It is a little tricky to get it just right. You are awesome and will get it. :)

  3. I love the Colours. The wind does and a extra element into these shots. One that you wouldn't otherwise on a calm day. Perfect conditions for that dress.


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