Sunday, July 19, 2009

Personality flaws

This beauty is my oldest daughter, I came across this today as I was giong through my vacation photos so I was thinking today about myself, and my personality flaws.
It occured to me that my children help me see the things I want to change.


It's funny when you hear your kids talk to each other and they are not talking nice, and it occurs to you "oh my goodness, that sounds just like ME!" This daughter of mine is an angel, she has been a ray of light since the day she was born, she is a beauty inside and out. She helps me be a better person, a better mom, a better woman. All my kids do, but as my only daughter I want to set a better example than what I had. I want her to be strong, I want her to be kind, I want her to make choices that will bless her life. I know those are things we all want. But sometimes I wonder what things she will hate about me, what things will I mess up on When I yell, and I am not patient and I criticize...I catch myself and think, "dang! I should be better" but it is hard and I find that one of my personality flaws is that I tend to talk harshly
even when I do not mean to. I guess I have been been putting myself under a microscope lately, Who is this person...I have changed so much in the last 10 years, sometimes I am not even sure
Just a little about me ~K


  1. You know this is something U think we all think about.
    I am sure my kids are going to remember my grumpiness at bed times. hopefully one day they will understand why.
    I am sure there are far many more good things you do then bad. As your daughter gets old she will realise this.

  2. That's very true Keri. My boy learn to shout because when I was mad at him I shouted. As soon as I stop my bad habit (instead I spoke to him in normal tone to correct him), his bad behaviour stopped!
    Thank God for children... they'll make us a better person :-)

  3. I can so relate. It's hard to be "On" all day long and not get frustrated with them. It like having a bird on your shoulder pecking at your head all day long!
    I just found your blog and added you. Your photos are lovely!


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