Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank you!

SO on a personal note.... {not that you really want to hear all my babbling} BUT. . .I just wanted to say thanks for all of the emails and comments I have had on my latest sessions. So much joy and sense of accomplishment comes for me when my clients Love their pictures. :)
I wanted to answer a few ?'s and maybe give some words of encouragement...
what have I been doing different you ask? Why are my pics better? Do I have Cs3 or 4?

to answer those I have to say this...

When I fist started to do Photography I was learning about composition and doing a lot of stuff with my point and shoot. When I got my DSLR I seriously was overwhelmed! I poured into learning this thing for over a year with classes and books and practice. Then I got a new lens which added another learning curve, and then there is PHOTO SHOP (ugh!) who knew it was going to be so hard, Well I am up for a challenge and ALWAYS pushing myself to do better, learn better

Like how do I get my images crisp like that photographer
or how do they do that process on photo shop?

So to say the least I have worked my tushy off. I still am using photo shop elements 6.0
{an ancient baby version of what I really need.}

I am so flattered that you all have been so nice, that I have so many people emailing me and asking me questions and booking sessions, It feels like all the hard work is paying off. . .

So in short I have not done much different

things are just starting to click better! I am more comfortable with my camera, I have lighting down to a science (pretty much) and to be honest these images in the posts lately are a lot of SOOC (straight out of camera) with photo shop of course, but not as much as I have done before.
So better SOOC images equal less work in photo shop and better end results...
If you are just starting out, or are wanting to get into the business or just love photography, my advice to you is to work hard and study and learn all you can....then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE...
again, thanks for all the emails and questions. I really do not mind answering questions about technical stuff and I have loved making new friends . . .
Thank you xoxo Keri Ann
p.s. I can't go without a pic, so here is one I love that never got posted!


  1. Hey There,

    I randomly stubled across your blog while I was browsing other random blogs and I just wanted to say that your pictures are beautiful!! I love them! Do you work strictly close to home? Or do you travel to your clients as well?

  2. Hi Keri!
    I inverted the pic by clicking on "image" and then "rotate" and you will see flip vertically or flip horizontally. That is it! Super easy and I have PSE 6 too. I love it! I was thinking about a more expensive program after I bought Elements but decided to try and learn everything I can in Elements before switching programs. I bought a book on Amazon which explains step by step how to do everything in Elements. I love it!
    Now, you need to help teach me how to use an overlay. I can't figure it out. I downloaded the one you posted a while back but it wouldn't work because it was a jpg.
    HELP! I want to learn how to give texture to pics. Thanks! You are really good.

  3. Good job for learning your camera and having that eye for taking really good pictures. You see so many things photoshopped these days, almost overdone. PS Elements 6 can do a whole lot of stuff! I have the same program and am still learning something new about it. I've thought about CS4 but for now I don't feel too limited where I am now.
    Thanks for this post. Loved hearing about your experiences!

  4. Thank You for this. I am always looking for inspiration in the photos I take. Of course I am doing more with Photoshop 7.0 and I think I have a pretty good hold of a ton of things. I still have a lot to learn but everything is so neat (what I have figured out so far.)
    I would love to have the talent you possess in taking beautiful pictures straight off the bat. I hope to learn more. I am planning on taking a class (or a ton) and am saving up for a DSLR. Tiny steps. Since I don't have the camera I am content in learning Photoshop and all it has to offer, for now....
    Check out some selective coloring that I have been working on.

  5. Keri, thanks for answering many of my photo-related question. Not only you are good, but you are a very generous photographer. I am glad to hear that your hard work is really paying off. I am looking forward for more pictures from you :-)

  6. Keri - great post! Your pictures really are beautiful!

  7. It is so true what you say...practice, practice, practice. It is such a good feeling when you finally get a concept! I still have SO much to learn, but that is the great thing about our art, and we get to learn, take the picture, enhance what and how we want...that is what makes it so beaituful. You are an inspiration...keep it up GIRL!!!! LOVE IT!


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