Sunday, March 8, 2009

What is Little Kiwis?

I thought I would just give everyone an insight into the name of my photography business. Some might wonder why it is not Keri Dalebout photography, or something simpler. I get a lot of questions like...are you from New Zealand. (KIWI)

Photography should be about {ME} right. It should speak who I am. What I do. My name should embrace me. Well Kiwi is my nickname. My cousin started to call me Kiwi about 15 years ago when he could not say Keri, And I just think it is so cute.
I always thought I would use it in a business name someday. Since I have primarily done child photography I thought it fit perfectly, but not sure it fits so well into the wedding world? So I am still thinking and rethinking my name and the way I want to take my branding.

So tell me honestly all you regulars and you visitors (I know your out there) what is your impression of Little Kiwis Photography. Does it sound professional? Do you like it? Do you think it fits the style and is my branding (website) a reflection of my style? And better yet what do you perceive my style as? Still trying to pin this down myself so I would LOVE to hear what others have to say!!!

BTW... I have Sooo appreciated all the comments and the visits to my site and blog.
In one month since I launched I have almost reached 1000! I know some get that in like a week, or even a day! but I will take it in a month :)

Thanks for visiting...


  1. Keri,
    I am not the best with words or feedback but I think your right with the branding it is more childlike and if you want to do seniors and weddings I would change it (only because I fell the same about colors are pink how do I get the boy seniors in).
    Maybe you could go with with just Kiwi Photography. If you know peek-a-boo photos her name is directed to children but she did lots of weddings and seniors. It works either way. I don't know I thought I would give it a try and give you some advice but I think it turned to mumbo jumbo.

  2. Thanks Jess,
    I agree, and I totally understand what you said, it was not mumbo jumbo. I just am trying reflect on how to proceed with what I want to do. I am getting a lot of wedding requests, also when I started this... it was mostly for my hobby and I did not think this all the way through, now I dunno... Any way thanks for your comment!


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